Its more fun in the Philippines

All the across the country last week, and splattered all over twitter and facebook feeds were comments and opinions of people getting in on their own spin and interpretation of what things are ‘more fun in the Philippines.’ All of this hoopla was of course generated by the unveiling of the DoT ‘s new website to market the Philippines as a tourist destination. Its about time, and I am embracing it with open arms, whether or not their slogan was or was not ‘inspired’ by Switzerland‘s 1951 tourism campaign.

I’ve lived in this country for almost 4 years, and though there are a great many things I disagree with, and on occasion complain about which include how the country is run, sanitation practices, and generally anything that would cause a westerner to raise their brow, I will not deny the beauty that can be found all over the country. And have I mentioned how the sunset’s are like anything I have encountered before, and turn my knees into mush? Anyway, the following photos serve as proof.


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