Bits & Bobbins

I know I have vanished temporarily, and as such, I feel the need to leave you guys with a bit of material to thumb through.

✄ Interesting read on why men can’t stand to be alone, and how women are better at it.

✄ Astrology Zone’s Virgo horoscope for the month of January.

✄ 2012’s Imperfect Make-up look is trending. Sayonara smokey eye!

✄ Hilarious, and holds truth, and makes you wonder what is in the text when looking for a new place.

✄ Factors be it subconscious or not; on how we choose our mates. It goes a bit deeper than what you might expect.

✄ Being a massive David Bowie fan, those who feel me on his magnificence may enjoy these photos of him acting ‘normal.’

✄ A childhood friend of mine is getting hitched this April, and it seems to already be a forecast of a huge circus of what is to come. 500-600 in attendance? Really? I was offered the position of Maid of Honor which I accepted with much apprehension. All this wedding planning commotion has me obsessing over websites for some ideas. I have spent much time on this site, wiping my tears watching the videos, rather then doing something more productive. This was one of my favorites.

Howto begin cleaning your pantry, and questions you need to ask yourself while doing so. 

✄ 10 mispronounced words that make people think you are an idiot. Take note.

“What’s for you, won’t pass you by.”


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