Professional/ Unprofessional behaviour

This post is fueled by a recent event that happened to me, and how astonishing it is that people seem to lack professional integrity, or just have not the faintest idea of what it is to be professional.

Last week I did an interview for a company, and was interviewed by a gentleman in charge of recruitment. The interview was a breeze, we thanked one another for our time, shook hands, was in an understanding that I would hear from him in a weeks time for the secondary interview, bade him farewell, and left the building.

2 days later, on a Sunday afternoon, he texts’ me to say hello, that I should be hearing from the company soon, and asked what I was up to. Feeling awkward about this, I was courteous and terse. Any attempting at clipping the text and ending it entirely was only responded to by only another question – the man clearly attempting to make a conversation. A few more days would pass, and at 10pm he would text me “I hope you had a nice day. Goodnight. (insert happy face)” I have chosen to ignore him at this point. The following morning he would say, “Hi hope your day is going well. What are you up to?” I have already lost my patience and am angry, nor do I have time to entertain him. I choose to ignore the question and get into business. “Mr. ______, when am I to hear from xxxxx with regard to the status of my application?” Obviously my attempt in steering control of his superfluous and unprofessional text messages.

Yesterday was the straw that broke the camel’s back. “Hi, do you want to hang out next week (insert happy face)?” I was absolutely livid. I met this man once, his job was to interview me, not to use me as some kind of escort or date!! I sent him a response letting him know my thoughts about him stepping out of line with how he chose to take the unprofessional route when dealing with clients, and his response came 4 hours later with a: “Noted. My apologies.” Pathetic, and not good enough really.

That being said, this is just a mere example of very many people who may have trouble acting appropriately when it comes to the workplace. Below are some guidelines of behaviour that would NOT be welcomed in the work environment, and which I recommend you take notes on asap:

✗ Your office is not the stock exchange. Monitor your voice and keep it to a minimum.
Sharing professional information relevant to work is great. Gossiping is not.
You know what this entails. Let’s not make excuses for ourselves.
The office is not your home. It is a shared space so make an extra effort in keeping it neat and tidy.
You need to have the ability to effectively set limits with others who have poor boundaries.
Again, not every body is schooled on proper etiquette in the workplace.

I could go on with a more comprehensive list on what is or what is not acceptable when it comes to being a professional however I do not want to confuse you with too much information, and my intentions were really to just hit the basics.

If you have any doubts, just remember these 5 things:

➀ Never get too personal

➁ Be respectful to people and belongings that you do not own.

➂ Maintain PROFESSIONAL relationships with your colleagues

➃ Do what you say.

➄ Be honest.



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