The mysterious contents of a lady’s purse

Dear friends,

Forgive my absence on the interweb. My inability to focus in on the real world and its challenges as of late, has resulted in my lack of entries. I promise to be as consistent as possible!

I remain,

CC xx

Moving on…

I have long had a fascination and curiosity about what can be found in a woman’s handbag. Call it being nosy – Creepy? Perhaps – call it what you will, however that does not manage to clip my desire from wondering on occasion what mysteries lie in the depths of feline’s purse and what secret artillery she has that she just cannot part without.

Browsing the isles in the local grocery store on the hunt for dinner, and I see an interesting lady, I think, “What’s in her purse?” Retouching my make-up in a public bathroom as some girl next to me is pulling out a toothbrush, floss, and a huge tube of toothpaste, I wonder, “What the hell else is in her purse?!” Its a curiosity that just does not die.

I had come across a link by a man who shared my strange fascination, that took a series of photos displaying the contents of a lady’s handbag in attempts to be able to decode some sort of mystery, and to see if it bits and bobbins in her purse told a little story about the owner. It actually kills me that I have forgotten the link and are unable to share it with you. Anyway, inspired by this, I took a few photos and will continue to take more of what mysteries can found in a woman’s purse.

In addition, I cannot emphasize enough, I DO NOT sneak or snoop around people’s purses for the hell of it, and I do respect their privacy as should YOU! The following photos were taken with permission, and the permission to post as well.


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