Distractions, distractions.

The internet and its sites beckoned, and I came forth to add my name on a long list of others to be added as a statistic. Everyone who knows me on an personal level would not hesitate to admit just how much a person of privacy I am. The desire to put my life on blast about daily activities and my whereabouts are unnecessary, and just a means to take a moment of my day most probably in front of company to disrespect him/her by updating, checking on comments, and generally lurking around. In other words, too much distraction, and too much crap! And I don’t need that.

The idea that you are not able to enjoy and relish a moment with someone because you are too busy keeping up with your 450 friends on Facebook is incredibly frustrating to me. Manners and social decorum seem to have vanished out the window when networking sites took center stage.

With regard to how all these social networking sites exploded in a span of even 10 years, is absolutely remarkable. I shut my eyes in 2000, and had woken up from a deep slumber to all kinds of technology that I could not seem to keep up with. I had to tune it out, mainly because there was just too much noise, and too much static. And so I made the conscious decision to live under a rock. Even despite the embarrassment of my 70 year old aunt having to explain to me the Ipad and its advantages; I still did not feel compelled to keep up with every single novelty on the market.

Until as of late that is… After being quite resilient to join similar websites such as: Twitter, Linkedin, Spotify, Pinterest, etc. and not having the slightest interest to take part in the craze –  I decided to take a bite, and chose to no longer be dormant. I am now understanding the importance of social media in this day and age, and how vital it is to at least be able to navigate through these spectrums.

With Facebook, I always had an account as a means to connect and remain in touch with friends through a window of photographs, e-mails, and chats. Armed with nothing but empty threats, I never did delete my account, as I knew and understood the value it had on other people, even if it did not resonate with me.

Twitter on the otherhand, was trash to me. Updates were mostly trivial, and asinine comments made it unbearable for me to want to even ‘follow.’ I simply was disinterested with daily updates and activities of one person every 5 minutes. What ever happened to the mystery and the allure?

Upon second glance, and speaking to a few active users of Twitter, I see its advantages and benefits. Apart from a platform to rant about frustrations, I see how handy it can be when it comes to getting updates from favourite news channels about current events, technology, or whatever that strikes your fancy; being consolidated in one page and updated every second. I also see advantages of sites like linkedin to assist you in networking and getting your ideal dream job, or just a job period!

I no longer choose to lose touch with what is going on in the interweb. Despite my lack of a necessity for any more distractions in my life, and being very discreet, I realise I don’t necessarily need to contribute to the noise, but that shouldn’t stop me either from being informed on what is out there, and how people just can’t seem to get enough of it all. I think its important to just be mindful on how much time and energy we are spending on these websites, and what other better things we can be doing with our time instead of needing to keep up with other people’s lives.

On that note, feel free to find me.


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