In response to ’20 reasons why I dislike the Philippines’ video

I may as well strike while the iron is hot, and give my 10 cents on what has my newsfeed buzzing this evening.

This very video is responsible for comment boxes being filled with ludicrous and idiotic responses to the video; people being defensive for the hell of it without really give much thought to what the guy is saying. Yes, maybe if he didn’t come off or look as much as a douche as he did, it perhaps would be less offensive – but let’s be real – the man speaks the truth.

He specifically made it clear in the beginning of the video that there are many beautiful and wonderful things to love about this country as much as there are many terrible things. Now for the naysayers out there, think about it for one second.

It makes my blood boil to read comments on facebook of people calling him an ‘ignorant and racist’ jerk. Jerk maybe. Ignorant? Racist? Folks are waayyyy off the mark.

I have lived in the Philippines for almost 4 years, and because I agree with everything he has complained about in the video, does that make me a bad person for having my opinions, and for having a love and hate relationship with the country as well? He opened his mouth, he got flak for it. People are angry because he is white, and has no right to say those things about a country where he is not from nor has no ties to. But I guarantee you this – should a filipino say the exact things he did (and I have met many who do) and publicly announce it, they would be crucified, and would not hear the end of it. Should he have kept quiet and kept his opinions to himself? Maybe. But he didn’t. Let’s move on already.

Just a thought.


2 thoughts on “In response to ’20 reasons why I dislike the Philippines’ video

  1. I can understand why it caused quite a stir with the locals, but enough already. People were freaking out about his opinions; many of which were 100% accurate and are based on fact anyway. I rolled my eyes when commenters all chimed along with “If you don’t like our country, then get the f**** out!” Ridiculous. His complaints were anything but bizarre, and what my Filipino friends and I agree on and discuss amongst ourselves on occasion. If he wanted to leave the country or has intentions of doing so, he would be out in a heartbeat! Everyone needs to calm down and stop getting their panties in a bunch! He was merely enumerating a list of reasons as to why he dislikes this country period!

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