My current obsession: Korean Italy Towels

To begin, I am all about this towel. I used to frequent the local Jjimjilbang (Korean Bathhouse) quite often, but because I have been forbidden to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes per what the Dr. ordered (for the next 4 months), I like to take the bathhouse experience (sans the saunas, pools, and random naked women) into my personal bathroom.

Enter the Korean Italy Towel – no, it does not come or is made from Italy – nothing but a fancy name to perhaps entice buyers? Made from 100% Viscose and can be purchased from your local Korean Mart, it costs chips, and is a must have for your beauty artillery.

If you are expecting to be ‘wowed’ by the products appearance, you will be sorely disappointed. It isn’t the prettiest thing you have set your eyes on, nor does there seem to be a wide array of colors available (or here in the Philippines at least). You either have a ghastly green or yellow to choose from. The mitt itself is quite tiny, but does get the job done, and done so effectively when it comes to serving its main purpose which is to scrub the daylights off of your epidermis.

Results you will see immediately and feel soon after; meant to be utilized once or twice a week – you soap yourself first, rinse well with water, then use this bad boy to exfoliate all your dead skin and muck that has been accumulating. Most effective when scrubbing in one direction. Tell me what you see – and you thought you were clean?!

I strongly urge you to try. What have you got to lose for a product that  costs under $1 anyway?

Dear K.I.T,

I can never be without you again!





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