Heading down south

I am slightly going to be humming the same tune I did with my previous post, since lately I have been on this wagon of obsession with the act of exfoliating as if I have just discovered it for the first time. For those wondering what the big deal is, and why it is necessary– look no further. Mama C is about to school you on exfoliation 101.

Exfoliating our body is great for the following reasons:

| It removes dead skin cells, and leaves your skin radiant and smooth. Who wouldn’t want that?

| It revitalizes your complexion and helps in keeping you looking younger.

| Gives you an even looking complexion as your rid away all those dead layers of skin.

| Clearer pores and reduction of acne.

If you don’t want to hop on my bandwagon, its fine by me– I can’t force you, but be prepared for:

– Uneven texture. Your skin can get oily in some places and patchy in others.

– Dirt, oil, and other muck that eventually accumulates . One word: ACNE.

– Darker pigmentation from UVA rays that may produce more melanin contributing to discoloration of your skin.

– Dullness. New skin cells underneath are trapped under an excess of dead skin, inhibiting you to glow!

Having second thoughts already? Thought so.

Those who exfoliate religiously (once or twice a week max is recommended) and put it into practice, probably over look one place: The bikini area.

Why bother? Because to put it quite simply, exfoliating your nether region helps in preventing ingrown hairs, making it a much more pleasant surface for waxing and just for overall appearance. The act of exfoliation prevents the hair from being trapped underneath the skin. Although its difficult to resist the urge of shaving in between waxing sessions, you really shouldn’t.

When or what is the correct way to do this? Start two to three days after waxing with a loofah or rough wash cloth. Whether you do it in the shower or do it dry before hopping into the shower (works best if you are cursed with a lot of ingrown hairs), make sure to be gentle and to scrub in circular motions.


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