Storing Makeup in Humid Weather

Sure the fridge was meant to prevent perishable goods from spoiling, but who says you can’t store your cosmetics in with the rest of your food (lest you want to purchase your very own cosmetic cooler) to preserve its shelf life just as well?


Well apart from the amazing cooling sensation it gives when applied to your skin on a hot day – chilled lotions, moisturizers, facial spritzers, and foundations etc, refreshes the face whilst toning it a tad bit – wait! There is more…

It prolongs the products shelf life!!

If you haven’t been told, beauty products are generally suppose to be kept in a cool, dry, and dark area away from sunlight or exposure to heat. There is a purpose to this, as chemical reactions occur faster in warmer temperatures, and the heat oxidizes the make up which basically means: Killing the shelf life that your make up is suppose to have.

Lipsticks most especially are an example of this, as they are more prone to oxidation and the exposure in warmer temperatures not only can turn certain oils rancid, but you have to deal with the unglamorous ‘smushiness’ of application, the possibility of the lipstick breaking in half, and not to mention the funk of ‘old’ lipsticks – I assure you, it stankkssss!

If you live in colder regions then this need not apply, unless your Summer can get a bit brutal.

I personally keep my foundations, moisturizers, nail varnishes, and facial mists in my good old fridge at the present time. I usually have no problem with my eyeliners melting, so that I keep in room temperature. I don’t bother with placing my powdered products in the cooler either unless its mineral makeup.

Bottom line: Refrigeration is the best way to extend the shelf life of your makeup and ultimately saving you your hard earned dough!

As a reminder, before you store, make sure caps are tightened to avoid spillage and contaminating your breakfast/lunch/dinner. Last thing you would want is to have to call poison control!


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