Tupperware’s Colour Collection Lipstick Review and other tales…

For the past few months, I have heard word on the street that this local brand’s line of lipstick was something worth sampling. For such an affordable price, it  apparently rivals the quality of MAC Lipsticks– say no more! I knew I had to see what the hype was all about myself. I had a mission…

I should preface this by saying that I am a lipstick fiend. I hoard them, I collect them, I am never without them. I have never really taken a liking to gloss, but it is all a matter of preference really, and well, I digress. Doing my initial research, I was utterly confused when I first heard that Colour Collection is a cosmetics brand being carried under Tupperware. I suppose my mind could not grasp the fact that cosmetics was being sold along with actual plastic Tupperware, not to mention also available via catalogue– Was this the 70’s?? Although a bit off putting because of the way they chose to market their product, that did not deter me from getting those lipsticks into my hands and onto my lips.

First and foremost, I knew it would not be the easiest task to purchase CC’s lipsticks, as you either have to order through a catalogue thereby knowing someone who sells them, or find their branch. I chose to do the latter.

I trucked to my nearest Tupperware location, and oh my word, I had no idea this store was situated in the middle of the squats. I certainly wasn’t prepared for this, and was a bit frightened as the area seemed extremely sketch, but I was not about to be discouraged.

Relieved to have found and entered the store, it was a strange looking place – arranged almost like a mini supermarket. As soon as I walked in, people just stared at me without a hi or hello, and after 3 minutes of awkwardly staring me down and uttering not a word, some lady walked up to me and asked what I was looking for. After I had stated my purpose, she told me to surrender my yoga mat (don’t ask) and my purse to the guard at the door before she takes me through to shop. Um no. I refused to turn in my purse which includes my phone, my wallet, and my important items in the ghetto of all places. Plus did I look that suspect just coming from Yoga class?? I found it completely unnecessary for me to even have to turn in my itty bitty purse in such a store the size of my kitchen. In addition, I was being escorted by this girl who was practically shoulder to shoulder with me throughout my entire shopping experience and would not annoyingly leave my sight.

To cut the story short, the experience was an overall a pain. The lady working there really knew nothing about CC’s line at all; not to mention knew nothing about distance and privacy as well. To boot, she would attempt to throw cheap compliments my way in order to flatter me to purchase more than one item. I see through you and your shitty sales tactics lady! The display of lipsticks were such that it looked like a stock room of some commissary – lipsticks shoved into tiny cubby holes. Maybe it was also foolish of me to expect a semi-decent presentation and display of the products for sale when they were after all not available in stores anyhow, and just via catalogues.

I had to harass her to pull out testers for me to try on, but she seemed too lazy to even bring them from the stock room. If I had any intention on purchasing lipsticks without testing the product on my complexion, then I obviously would have not made my way to the branch where I had verbally specified to her that I would like to test out the lipsticks first!

In addition, there weren’t samples for the other line’s of Colour Collections Lipsticks –  I was basically shopping for lipsticks with blinders on. No one could tell me what was sheer, what was matte, what was mineral, and so on and so forth. I had to individually pull out the lipsticks from the boxes just to take a peek at the color.

Anyway being pestered by my ‘shadow’ and overall being annoyed by her underhanded comments about how any shade looks good on me because I am ‘white’, wrong again. Can I get any tanner? Plus I am not even going to go off on a tirade on how comments like that are incredibly wrong on so many levels.  I felt like I honestly had stepped into the outer limits — I knew I had to run out of there.

Got the two shades I thought looked best on me, and ran out of there without looking back just in time before the rain crashed. This is what I came home with at $350 php a pop.

(Above) Mineral Lipstick SPF 15 ‘Sweet Wine’

(Below) Mineral Lipstick SPF 15 ‘Satin Shell’

Directions on packaging: Apply and wait 5 minutes to set.

Verdict: I like them a lot. I suppose they would classified as somewhat sheer, but definitely pack a punch in color. The color builds too as for every layer you apply. In the photos above, I may have layered them twice. I found them to be especially moisturizing, and they do in fact have that ‘cookie dough’ scent similar to Mac. Because having found my shopping experience to be extremely bizarre, I am not so sure if I would want to return by myself at least. I really wish the store had more testers, then I would have really came home making it a win-win situation for not only the sales ladies, but for myself as well.

As far as I know, this brand doesn’t have any intention of selling their cosmetics through giant retailers, thus making them really exclusive and all the more exciting to get your hands on because of the challenge of hunting for them, knowing they live up to their hype. I should also note that they are only available in the Philippines.


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