Nyx Lip Cream: Istanbul

“Neither lipstick nor lip gloss—this is matte lip cream. A new kind of pout paint that goes on silky smooth and sets to a matte finish. SoftMatte Lip Cream is surprisingly durable and, unlike some mattelipstick formulas, also moisturizing.” – Nyx Cosmetics boasts in their product description written on their main website.

Nyx is a Cosmetics brand found in most drugstores, or in random korean fashion boutiques (in the ones i frequented in LA at least). As an introduction to makeup back in my pre pubescent days, I would experiment and play with Nyx, along with other affordable brands offered in my local drugstore – mainly enticed by the colors they offered and how dirt cheap their products were.

I haven’t touched their products in years, because grown up women set their eyes on shinier and more expensive products now don’t they? 😉 Goodbye drugstore brands, hello high-end cosmetic brands that create a massive dent in your wallet! I jest. Sort of.

Anyway onto my review:

Everywhere I turned, everyone seemed to be raving about these lip creams and their beautiful range of colors – I didn’t think twice.

I went for ‘Istanbul’ which has a medium toned pink to it. It wasn’t too loud, nor was it too quiet – I am so predictable when it comes to my lipstick colors, and I tend to stick around the the same red, brick, and plum hues that when my friend demanded I try something new, I did not hesitate, and agreed immediately.

After getting used to the color, it has almost become my everyday staple. I really do need to emphasize – I noticed other people seem to hum the same tune – the application all depends on the texture of your lips. What does this mean? Well, if your lips are chappy and is tantamount to a dirt with lots of gravel, you have to either lather your lips in chapstick or lip salve then proceed to applying the lip cream; otherwise prepare for clumply, crusty, lips which NO ONE will find appealing.

The colors they offer for their lip cream line are to die for, but this product may not be for everyone. It can come on quite thick, and is not sheer, like what some may expect. The product does live up to its description however – the “Neither a lipstick nor lipgloss.”

I would recommend this product as you really don’t have anything to lose with how affordable it is. I will advise however that instead of reapplying, you wipe it off again and start on a clean slate. This product does not layer on well, and will look like you have a thick film on your lips if you go too far with your application.

Note: These images do not belong to me


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