Orly Nail Polish Review

Dear Orly Nail Polish,

I have desperately tried to like you. I have even been extremely generous in giving you a fair amount of chances, and yet you always seem to fail me. Why?The range of colors you offer are unbelievably stunning, and that is why it pains me all the more to say that I just can’t be bothered to use you ever again. Trust me, this probably hurts me more than it hurts you.

I have to note that I always get my nails professionally done 99% of the time. Not only is it affordable at this side of the world, but nowadays despite how cathartic it is for me to paint my own nails, I just can’t make the time for it anymore. Some of the salons that I frequent carry a variety of varnishes to choose from, and some only carry one  – Orly.

In the many attempts I have had to try you, I always encountered the same result – you peel off just like wallpaper. Regardless of the salon I go to, when I use Orly – with the lack of the physical activity my hands endure – they should not chip or peel within a day or two. Tis unacceptable. I appreciate what you do Orly, and I am sure there are many women and girls out there who you jive with you more than me, however you and I are just not a match. I have to face this reality. There are a few girls however whom I have spoken to who also share my same gripe about your product.

Anyway, you will always have pretty colors though…




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