Hello? Is it me your looking for?

It has been one crazy ride, and my absence in the realm of blogging has been due to my new, and most important role of my life—a mother. Time takes on a completely different meaning. The realization of how incredibly valuable the hours in a day are, and how crucial it is to delegate my time wisely has become a new and interesting challenge. 

In the days of yore, my daily concern was where I could for awesome coffee and reliable wifi. Things have certainly changed and considering that I no longer have the luxury of time to waste, it has propelled my desire to in sum—get shit done.

Now onto more important things: I want to pay tribute to the dying art of letter writing. In fact, the art of writing. Without having to be overtly dramatic about it, I must say my heart does ache for how technology has kicked the ability to fully construct and articulate words and sentiment to the curb. It has been replaced with haphazardly written text messages and e-mails that begin with, “Yo lets meet up what time are you free? Brushing my teeth, lets skype?” Ugh. Makes my tummy churn. 

In the meantime, I will light my candle in commemoration to the death of writing, and even if I am one of the few that is left who actually gives a damn, will continue in my efforts to sit down and properly convey what I want to say without being rushed. 

Now where is my pen and paper?


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