Blanca de China

It was a rainy afternoon and I knew that my face was begging to be pampered and in need of some massive T.L.C. 

The boyfriend and I trekked over 259A Ibuna St. and conveniently tucked on the corner of P. Guavarra, was Blanca de China. The shop was much smaller than I had imagined, but was cute and cozy nonetheless. We were immediately greeted by two lovely therapist who made us feel right at home. You have to forgive me for the lack of photos in this post— too rainy and was feeling a tad lazy to snap a few shots.

We were set on two Ivory Facial’s which we were incredibly pleased to know cost under 1,000 php, which I was used to paying for one service. At this rate, I could most probably pamper myself on a regular basis! I decided to top up my facial with a Gold Mask to help aid with the circulation and get rid of impurities.

I want to begin by mentioning that I do have high standards. I expect to know what is going throughout my service and what touches my face as therapists goes about her business and works her magic. My therapist did just that. She politely and in almost a whisper mentioned that she was going to begin the service, and let me know what she was doing step-by-step. I loved and appreciated that. The arm and hand massage was an unexpected surprise and happily accepted. Once the service was over, we were treated to some tea and biscuits which was delightful touch to a relaxing facial.

Blanca de China is all I could wish for and more. It is a place where my inner goddess can run free and jump freely from service to service. Impeccably immaculate, hygienic, and cozy, with wonderful therapists that know what they are doing and are very professional. I really can’t ask for more.

My first visit to Blanca de China turned out to be wonderful and I would definitely visit again, however it would have made my service all the more superb if the facial extended towards the neck,  as it is just as important as the face, and I am used to it being a packaged deal whenever I get a facial—my neck is never neglected. Also, a complaint that I  do have; however not enough to turn my business away is that I wish my therapist throughly cleaned my face. I found the water to be not warm enough for starters, and when my service was complete, my mascara and my eyeliner still coated my top lids. 

I hope that when I return, the staff will be reminded that the cleansing stage is crucial before any extractions can be made. 

Other than that, I definitely intend on visiting again. Their affordable prices, warm and affable staff, as well as how sanitary they are when it comes to sanitizing their tools, and the fun menu of services—this is a place not to miss.

Best part are their hours:

Mondays – Thursdays at 11:00 am to 10:00 pm, and Fridays – Sundays at 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Blanca de China Lifestyle Spa

259A Ibuna cor P. Guevarra Streets San Juan 

Tel Number 542 8499


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