Going Dutch with the Nuna Pepp

Veering away from my usual beauty reviews, I have got to show love where credit is due, and blog about one of my two favourite baby products – the Nuna Pepp Stroller. This will be a two part review so stay tuned, as I have yet to test out the new Pepp Luxx that has barely reached the market…

I had been lusting after this buggy since I first laid eyes on it, on a mommy blog. Its sleek design was exactly what I needed, and it was essentially love at first sight.

For months before Tala was born, I had already been scouting for the perfect stroller, and was torn between a few more popular brands on the market namely: Stokke & Bugaboo. I soon realized however just how bulky they would be for a family who travels constantly, and was back on the hunt for something a bit more practical and wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

As a gift, we were given the Maclaren Quest, which was awesome and everything a new mum or dad could want: light, easy to set up, pack up and throw around, but not quite aesthetically pleasing for my taste. Yes, I am being superficial, but allow me to be. Plus, my little girl wasn’t too fond of it and after a while of strolling and pounding the streets of NYC, she would often moan and want to be carried. I assume the suspension wasn’t all too great, and eventually took a toll on her little toosh.

The Pepp is a stroller by Nuna that takes a spin on the approach that less is more. A few of their brag worthy points is that it offers a smooth ride, one hand steering and unfolding, and folds flat. As in flat, flat, flat. So once I did my intensive research on the brand, watched its promotional videos, read its reviews etc. it was an easy sell and I knew I had to have it.

For more info on the brand click here.

If you haven’t picked it up on my intro just yet, I am besotted by this little stroller. Here is why:

  • My daughter will happily sit in it for hours, and doze off with ample amount of canopy to shade her from the sun.
  • One thing I love the most about the Pepp is its one hand steering, and it pushes like a dream.
  • Quick one handed set up.
  • Folds beautifully flat with more than enough room to leave you with in the boot of your car.
  • Stands up on its on.
  • You can roll it folded instead of lugging it on your back.
  • Doesn’t tip like most lightweight strollers.
  • Really sturdy (again for a lightweight stroller).


  • A popular complaint is the small basket, which isn’t too accommodating to a baby bag, or much of anything else really, but again you can’t expect much for a lightweight stroller that folds perfectly compact.
  • I get a feeling that my little one who is taller than the average baby may outgrow the Nuna, only because the hood seems a bit low.

Road Test:

In our recent trip to London, the Pepp braved the cobblestone streets of the English Countryside and zig-zagged along the crowded touristy areas in Central London with ease. The Pepp also pushed wonderfully on grass as it did on gravel. I was truly impressed.

What matters the most to me is the fact that I can tell my almost 1 year old enjoys the ride. She sits on her chariot as comfortable as can be, and the fact that baby and mummy is happy is definitely a great combo.

Yummy colors to choose from

Pretty cool if you ask me.



Tala in Kent August 2013 021

Tala and Grandad

Tala and Grandad


Verdict: Two thumbs way up for the Nuna Pepp.


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