Guava Family – Lotus Crib Review

Sometimes I’m a brat, and when a really awesome product comes my way, sometimes I just don’t want to share it. I do feel like I am five years old again in that sense. I can’t hold out though on the Guava Family – this is one of my all time favourite baby gear, and it’s only fair that I put them on blast for making such a magnificent crib that both, the baby daddy, myself, and most importantly our LO loves.

I present the Lotus Crib. I don’t know a whole lot about this company and its inception let alone who are the people behind it – it is quite rare for me to purchase a product given that in mind. I like to have some sense of knowledge however minimal of how the brand was built and how it started. So out on a limb, and with the pretty good reviews I’ve heard, plus a kick ass promotional video (I truly am a sucker) I ordered the Lotus, and it arrived on my parents doorstep just as they had promised – not a day short.

Set up was a breeze, and it just looked so sleek and light, and made traveling a gajillion times easier. We threw it on our back on a flight to NYC as carry on, we have traveled since with it to beach resorts, grandmother’s house in London, Qatar, LA, Manila, its been quite a few places, and not a burden at all to lug around.



A few important things :

  • 42″ x 24″ mattress, 25″ deep. 11 lbs crib weight.
  • 15 Second set-up, backpack portability, fits as a carry-on, use it EVERYWHERE
  • Cool zipper on the side so your baby can feel free to crawl in our out as he/she pleases.
  • Breathable mesh fabric.
  • Incredibly light and portable as a travel crib should be.
  • Love how it can be worn as a backpack or either carried.

The not-so good :

  • Thin mattress.

The thin mattress isn’t really much of an issue for me or my daughter. She sleeps really well in the crib as Guava threw their quilted mattress in along with the purchase (two thumbs up and thank you). I believe the thin mattress adheres to safety regulations, and that is why the mattress is the way it is. But this has bummed a few people out from the other reviews that i’ve read.

Very pleased with their customer service. Sent an e-mail their way with a question I had, and they got back to me in lighting speed. I highly recommend the Lotus Crib, and I doubt you’ll regret it.

Here is the video that stole my heart:


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