Goodbye for now, Manila.


This ‘blog’ has lost all direction, and to add to the confusion, I’m in the mood to get a little bit sentimental on you, so feel free to gloss over.

Manila, I came to you as a child and left a woman. I got lost in your filth and found exquisite beauty in your dimly lit corners and sari-sari stores. 6 years in one place, you have no choice but to call it your home, and the Philippines will always hold a special place in my heart. Apart from all the wonderful and a few shady people I have encountered during my time in Manila, there are many and few in between that I got to call close friends and whom I know I will have forever. From the intimate relationships i’ve built to the inanimate—–my beautiful apartment on Burgos St. that’s nestled atop what is said to be one of the oldest buildings in Makati conveniently placed in what had become the Red Light District. Who would have thought I would miss the noise and the rancid smells that would permeate the thick air on a hot humid day.

I do wonder often nights before I close my eyes and drift off to sleep; how sad and lonely that the unit of which we used to reside—once breathing life into those walls—-now quiet, empty, and nothing but the cat calls of the ladies of the night that managed to seep through our double paneled glass windows, and neon lights to illuminate the flat the was once ours.

The photo below is the early days of my pregnancy. Perhaps one of the reasons why that unit felt so special to me.

Here is to new adventures and a new life in Singapore. Manila will always be sorely missed, but thank god its only a 3 hour flight away!

19 weeks


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