True Aesthetics – IPL Hair Removal

This will probably be the saddest post I have ever written with the lack of visual stimulation. But then again, before I begin, I don’t necessarily think my audience would be so keen to see pictures of my underarms in all their glory.

I have occasionally heard about this IPL Hair Removal in conversation and seen it on advertisements and never knew why I haven’t given it much thought. In fact, wish I should have done this earlier. I suppose I got the impression that the cost for the ‘procedure’ and sessions would break the bank. Wrong again.

Having lived in Singapore now since February, I feel more confident about knowing where to go for what I want, but as far as beauty treatments were involved I had no idea how to even begin my research apart from good ol’ google search. I had stumbled upon Shanice Lim’s blog where she gave such an in depth and magnificent review on True Aesthetics, that I was sold. I booked my appointment at their branch on Orchard Central, and came in for my very first session.

I believe I paid about $268 for 300 shots. For the underarms, it takes anywhere between 20-30 shots per session. After your first session you book the following sessions every fortnight, but as soon as the hair really starts to slow its growth (or barely grows at all), you won’t need to come in as frequently. Now I have pretty course and thick underarm hair (barf. gross i know), but I was so shocked that after my first session my hair growth had indeed almost came to a crashing halt as 2 weeks into my second appointment there were patches where hair didn’t seem to grow. AMAZING! Prior to my 2nd appointment, I would exfoliate every now and again, and even noticed that the hair would seem to shed with some pressure involved with my exfoliating process (not recommended). The procedure each session take 5-7 minutes if that! Not too shabby eh?

I have been so pleased by my experience at True Aesthetics so far, and though a tiny boutique in Orchard Central, I appreciate how clean and serene it was. The two girls I have met have been lovely and very kind thus far. They also offer tea if you fancy. I am already counting down the days till my 3rd session can can’t wait to eventually be HAIRLESS!

181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #06-18
Singapore 238896
(Tel) 688 44 072


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