Instax 25 Mini Fujifilm

My heart still hurts a little when I think about how Polaroid went bust and decided not manufacture film any longer. Nothing comes close to the original, but this comes second best. Introducing the Instax Mini 25. Christmas came early this year, and I opted for the customized pearly-pink color. For an extra $50 I could have purchased a super cute case with pastel pink and purple hearts all over the case, but instead opted for this bundle:

IMG_4599 IMG_4602

Right above I bought the camera which came with a freebies: a mini album that holds about 6 films, and a few stickers to add on the polaroid. Nothing major but still a treat. I purchased an additional 3 films (10 in each pack), and the a proper photo album to house all my lovely snaps.


The Instax Mini 25 boast of:

  •  a microscopic mirror for that selfie-fiend in you.
  • landscape or vertical portraits.
  • automated flash
  • the options of shooting lighter/darker/landscape

So far I am really please with my purchases. My first picture came out a bit dark as I assumed that the automatic flash sensor would detect the darkness in the room, but I guess that whether or not a camera has the feature, its advisable that you don’t shoot your subject with light blasting facing you. It is always recommended you snap away from direct light. Polaroid is all about having fun and playing around with it.

I bought everything for about $170 sgd which is a steal if you ask me! What are your thoughts on polaroid film? Do you prefer traditional film or digital? I purchased my camera and other goodies at Passion Gadgets which claims the lowest rates on the market in Singapore. Check them out!

Lion Building B, #05-12
12 Arumugam Road,
Singapore 409958
Located just beside MacPherson MRT


Going Dutch with the Nuna Pepp

Veering away from my usual beauty reviews, I have got to show love where credit is due, and blog about one of my two favourite baby products – the Nuna Pepp Stroller. This will be a two part review so stay tuned, as I have yet to test out the new Pepp Luxx that has barely reached the market…

I had been lusting after this buggy since I first laid eyes on it, on a mommy blog. Its sleek design was exactly what I needed, and it was essentially love at first sight.

For months before Tala was born, I had already been scouting for the perfect stroller, and was torn between a few more popular brands on the market namely: Stokke & Bugaboo. I soon realized however just how bulky they would be for a family who travels constantly, and was back on the hunt for something a bit more practical and wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

As a gift, we were given the Maclaren Quest, which was awesome and everything a new mum or dad could want: light, easy to set up, pack up and throw around, but not quite aesthetically pleasing for my taste. Yes, I am being superficial, but allow me to be. Plus, my little girl wasn’t too fond of it and after a while of strolling and pounding the streets of NYC, she would often moan and want to be carried. I assume the suspension wasn’t all too great, and eventually took a toll on her little toosh.

The Pepp is a stroller by Nuna that takes a spin on the approach that less is more. A few of their brag worthy points is that it offers a smooth ride, one hand steering and unfolding, and folds flat. As in flat, flat, flat. So once I did my intensive research on the brand, watched its promotional videos, read its reviews etc. it was an easy sell and I knew I had to have it.

For more info on the brand click here.

If you haven’t picked it up on my intro just yet, I am besotted by this little stroller. Here is why:

  • My daughter will happily sit in it for hours, and doze off with ample amount of canopy to shade her from the sun.
  • One thing I love the most about the Pepp is its one hand steering, and it pushes like a dream.
  • Quick one handed set up.
  • Folds beautifully flat with more than enough room to leave you with in the boot of your car.
  • Stands up on its on.
  • You can roll it folded instead of lugging it on your back.
  • Doesn’t tip like most lightweight strollers.
  • Really sturdy (again for a lightweight stroller).


  • A popular complaint is the small basket, which isn’t too accommodating to a baby bag, or much of anything else really, but again you can’t expect much for a lightweight stroller that folds perfectly compact.
  • I get a feeling that my little one who is taller than the average baby may outgrow the Nuna, only because the hood seems a bit low.

Road Test:

In our recent trip to London, the Pepp braved the cobblestone streets of the English Countryside and zig-zagged along the crowded touristy areas in Central London with ease. The Pepp also pushed wonderfully on grass as it did on gravel. I was truly impressed.

What matters the most to me is the fact that I can tell my almost 1 year old enjoys the ride. She sits on her chariot as comfortable as can be, and the fact that baby and mummy is happy is definitely a great combo.

Yummy colors to choose from

Pretty cool if you ask me.



Tala in Kent August 2013 021

Tala and Grandad

Tala and Grandad


Verdict: Two thumbs way up for the Nuna Pepp.

Talking Snoe Beauty’s: Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil

Snoe Beauty is a brand that is proudly Filipino and was established in 2010. Much like with many of the products that I decide to review, I hear about them through the grapevine, and luckily for me, this product came into my realm of thought in an extremely timely manner.

Last year, I was dealing with the aftermath of dying my black hair to practically blonde, and the serious damage it inflicted to my thick and gorgeous crowning glory. Left with orange, brittle, course, not dead but not quite alive hair, I needed a product to resuscitate my locks and give it the life it once had prior to all the toxins I had made my hair succumb to.

Snoe Beauty at first glance reminded me of the Filipino version of Benefit. The throbbing off-kilter colors, throwback vintage labels, and quirky product names are sure to catch anyones eye male, female, or a combination of both! Most recently, word on the street has it that Snoe Beauty will be launched in the U.S. by Urban Outfitters. It’s always exciting to hear of local brands making its way to other parts of the globe for recognition. Congratulations to Snoe Beauty!

As far as Argan Oil goes, everyone and their grandmother’s friends know about the beauty and restorative miracles that argan oil can do for ones skin and hair. That said, I wanted to test this local product and see if it lived up the hype.

I found Hair Heroes at first pump to smell incredibly entrancing. In fact, the delectable odor is what I would envision heaven to smell like. I used just a single pump of the product as I don’t like my hair being weighed down by too much conditioner. I’ve never used this product as a leave-in-conditioner as the product also suggests as another option; and found the results to be astounding. It took my dull and lifeless hair and made it incredibly shiny and sleek as featured in all those Pantene and Palmolive commercials here in the Philippines which depicts a ‘Grudge-esque’ quality to the hair, or a more refined ‘It’ from the Addams Family.

Like so


Cutting to the chase:

Having used this product for about a year and for the occasions when I feel my hair needs a little bit of loving, I found this personally to not be so suitable for the hairstyle I’d like to achieve. It on no account is a reflection of the product or the company as this product absolutely delivers through and through, and lives up to its promise. It simply is a matter of preference for me to prefer my hair to be ‘volumous’ and out of this world, versus stick straight and sleek like most  Filipina women prefer. I give Hair Heroes a 10/10 for the following reasons: living up to the products description, honestly sharing the ingredients in the product, saving my hair from an imminent death, and for letting my hair shine just like in all those t.v. commercials, smelling fabulous to boot!

Not my photo



Oh you Diva, you!

I can’t keep my mouth shut, and have been ranting nonstop since day 1 to anyone who would listen about my obsession and my lifesaver— The Diva Cup.

To cut the crap and overlook a bunch of jargon, what it is really in simpler terms is a silicone cup that is an alternative to tampons for the menstruating woman. In sum, it is a sustainable feminine hygiene product. If the thought of a cup being filled with your own blood gets you a bit squeemish, then I suggest you not to even bother reading on any further.

I am incredibly overjoyed to have come across this product by a recommendation of a friend of mine, and haven’t looked back since. The thought of never having to deal with tampons again pathetically excites me. And you now what? The fact that I no longer have a guilty conscience of dumping all those disposable hygiene products into landfills and waterways, actually helps me sleep a little better at night. In addition, I do not leak. May I repeat—I DO NOT LEAK! Have I got your attention yet?

You have two options if you are interested in trying it out the Diva Cup: Model 1 is for women under 30 we have never given birth vaginally, and Model 2 is for women over 30 or have given birth vaginally. 

What you get in the box is a handy yet simple instructional manual, the cup itself, a cute pouch for the cup which is nice and discreet, and a pretty ‘Diva’ pin to top it all off. 

I kept thinking to myself before trying it that I would go a bit cray if I spent almost $40 on a product that didn’t turn out well, and that I would not be able to return…

Bottom line for me was the fact that it was easy to insert, easy to remove, and you can wear it up to 12 hours, move, dance, or frolic without it being obtrusive at all. As mentioned earlier, is that i barely even leaked. After my first few days with it, I knew i’d be a fan for life. 

As far as cleansing goes, you simply dump the cup and rinse with warm water and some soap. The beautiful thing about the Diva Cup, is that I could wear it overnight and it wouldn’t even fill half the cup. I can’t recommend this product enough to every woman. It’s a shame that there are quite a few people who haven’t heard of it yet. Truly a lifesaver!


Orly Nail Polish Review

Dear Orly Nail Polish,

I have desperately tried to like you. I have even been extremely generous in giving you a fair amount of chances, and yet you always seem to fail me. Why?The range of colors you offer are unbelievably stunning, and that is why it pains me all the more to say that I just can’t be bothered to use you ever again. Trust me, this probably hurts me more than it hurts you.

I have to note that I always get my nails professionally done 99% of the time. Not only is it affordable at this side of the world, but nowadays despite how cathartic it is for me to paint my own nails, I just can’t make the time for it anymore. Some of the salons that I frequent carry a variety of varnishes to choose from, and some only carry one  – Orly.

In the many attempts I have had to try you, I always encountered the same result – you peel off just like wallpaper. Regardless of the salon I go to, when I use Orly – with the lack of the physical activity my hands endure – they should not chip or peel within a day or two. Tis unacceptable. I appreciate what you do Orly, and I am sure there are many women and girls out there who you jive with you more than me, however you and I are just not a match. I have to face this reality. There are a few girls however whom I have spoken to who also share my same gripe about your product.

Anyway, you will always have pretty colors though…