Escolta Saturday Market Pitstop

This vintage throwback market which occurs usually every fortnight was put together by the crew from 98-b, and is stationed at: Ground Floor, 413 First United Building, Escolta Street, Binondo, Manila, PHILIPPINES.

The venue itself is historical, as apparently it is the building which housed the infamous Berg’s Department Store, which apparently was top notch back in its heyday. Now, it leaves much to be desired with its lonely concrete walls, and dilapidated building, a far cry from how it once glistened. Now it is stationed along side other tenement buildings chidingly to be renovated. Still, despite the chaos and the strange stench that permeates the area, it has its appeal and charm, and can be quite the adventure.

I stumbled in one sweaty Saturday looking for nothing in particular and stumbled upon a treasure trove of rare and interesting handmade knick knacks, as well as a few familiar faces. The atmosphere is buzzing with creativity and excitement, and was thoroughly enjoyable. I do see myself making the trek from Makati once again and looking forward to seeing more of a selection once vendors and other people start hearing about the hype.


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