Talking Snoe Beauty’s: Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil

Snoe Beauty is a brand that is proudly Filipino and was established in 2010. Much like with many of the products that I decide to review, I hear about them through the grapevine, and luckily for me, this product came into my realm of thought in an extremely timely manner.

Last year, I was dealing with the aftermath of dying my black hair to practically blonde, and the serious damage it inflicted to my thick and gorgeous crowning glory. Left with orange, brittle, course, not dead but not quite alive hair, I needed a product to resuscitate my locks and give it the life it once had prior to all the toxins I had made my hair succumb to.

Snoe Beauty at first glance reminded me of the Filipino version of Benefit. The throbbing off-kilter colors, throwback vintage labels, and quirky product names are sure to catch anyones eye male, female, or a combination of both! Most recently, word on the street has it that Snoe Beauty will be launched in the U.S. by Urban Outfitters. It’s always exciting to hear of local brands making its way to other parts of the globe for recognition. Congratulations to Snoe Beauty!

As far as Argan Oil goes, everyone and their grandmother’s friends know about the beauty and restorative miracles that argan oil can do for ones skin and hair. That said, I wanted to test this local product and see if it lived up the hype.

I found Hair Heroes at first pump to smell incredibly entrancing. In fact, the delectable odor is what I would envision heaven to smell like. I used just a single pump of the product as I don’t like my hair being weighed down by too much conditioner. I’ve never used this product as a leave-in-conditioner as the product also suggests as another option; and found the results to be astounding. It took my dull and lifeless hair and made it incredibly shiny and sleek as featured in all those Pantene and Palmolive commercials here in the Philippines which depicts a ‘Grudge-esque’ quality to the hair, or a more refined ‘It’ from the Addams Family.

Like so


Cutting to the chase:

Having used this product for about a year and for the occasions when I feel my hair needs a little bit of loving, I found this personally to not be so suitable for the hairstyle I’d like to achieve. It on no account is a reflection of the product or the company as this product absolutely delivers through and through, and lives up to its promise. It simply is a matter of preference for me to prefer my hair to be ‘volumous’ and out of this world, versus stick straight and sleek like most ¬†Filipina women prefer. I give Hair Heroes a 10/10 for the following reasons: living up to the products description, honestly sharing the ingredients in the product, saving my hair from an imminent death, and for letting my hair shine just like in all those t.v. commercials, smelling fabulous to boot!

Not my photo